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Challenges of appointment
  • Ensuring that appointments are scheduled efficiently and that there are no conflicts or overlapping bookings.
  • Dealing with no-shows (customers who fail to arrive for their scheduled appointments) and last-minute cancellations can result in lost revenue and wasted time.
  • Optimizing staff allocation to ensure that the right number of employee is available at any given time to meet the demand for appointments.
Addressing these challenges often involves implementing efficient booking management systems, utilizing technology, and optimizing processes... Do you already have all of that?
Soltivo free booking and website solution
We have it. For you, for free!
We understand the difficulties of managing a large number of appointments, particularly during busy hours or when dealing with multiple service providers.
Our advanced technology ensures that appointments are scheduled efficiently, eradicating conflicts and overlapping bookings.
You'll have access to a user-friendly interface and intelligent algorithms, simplifying the complexities of scheduling and ensuring your business operates effortlessly.
We want to provide the best booking management software.
In order to achieve this, we think it should be free.

Features included

Effortlessly schedule, customize, and grow with our comprehensive free booking solution!


Get the most important data points to keep running and growing your business like never before.


Keep track of your business appointments easier and faster with your kanban view.


Manage your leads, clients and suppliers in the same module.


Create your service menu with prices and durations it will connect with your website and calendar.


Add your teammates and manage their schedule, information and permissions.


Create a website with our website builder and connect your domain to start receiving online bookings.

Start today!

What are you waiting for to start automating your reservation business today for free? We provide you all the tools you need in the same software and you can try it for free.